Baby leopard slight curve to tail/spine

Matt j

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Hello all, after advice pls. I’m due to collect a baby leopard this evening from a breeder . Baby is ready for re homing today. Initially the baby was advertised as having a slight deformity to the end of its tail which I didn’t mind. I’ve spoken to the breeder this morning and he has said, he can’t be sure but it may have a slight curvature of the spine., He has sent me pictures which I have attached. Should I avoid this gecko or should it be ok? It is a present for my son and the last thing I’d want is for it to have issues or die. Any information much appreciated. Thanks



the crooked tail dosent matter atall. of anything you can name him captain crook or captain hook it gives him more charm.

its hard to see if he have a spine kink or not. young geckos can be pretty lean and have a posture that makes them look wierd sometimes. but if he eats, sleep, poops, sheds like he/she should be then i wouldnt see any problem with him.


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I have produced some geckos that ended up with a progressive spine curvature. It didn't show up when they first hatched but became more obvious as time went on. I have a gargoyle like that right now. She's 3 years old, still has a spine kink, but is doing fine. If you want more of a guarantee of a good experience, it may be best to choose a different gecko. The chances that this gecko will have a decent quality of life though are pretty good based on my experience. Obviously, this gecko would not be a good choice to breed with (not that it sounds as if you're planning to do that).