Box Elder Bugs?


New Member
Hi, I'm new to this and am going to get a leopard gecko soon. I was wondering if anyone has ever fed their leopard geckos box elder bugs? I have looked online and haven't found any thing or anyone that has had first hand experience with them. I read a little bit about bearded dragons and fire bugs, but thats a different species of lizard and a different species of bug. I know that birds, arachnids, and other animals eat box elder bugs. Could a leopard gecko eat them? Are they poisonous?


Staff member
Welcome to GF! I don't think anyone uses these bugs as feeders. If you're going to catch them from outdoors, you will have to be able to guarantee that they haven't been exposed to pesticides. I tried to find info on the internet about their nutritional value but there is nothing. In the pictures they look like they're all wing and chitin, kind of like the beetle form of the mealworm. I'd recommend you stick to the more conventional feeders unless you can get a local university to do a nutritional analysis.


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