Chalupa the Chahoua

This is Chalupa, my first gecko ever! I decided to go with a Chahoua after a lot of thinking and researching different geckos to see which one I thought was best for me. I like the fact that Chahouas are more personable and have a much better temperament than Leachies, which is what I initially wanted but figure that's probably a bad idea (i don't want my finger ripped off).

He's now 1 year and 8 months (was born in September 2018). He's a Pine Island Chahoua. I really love him. I'm still learning the ways of the gecko so I kind of have anxiety and over think things when I don't understand some things with his behavior. Also I get so nervous handling him because I'm afraid he's going to bolt away into the great land beyond! Haha. But he's cool, he's actually pretty calm and just sits there in my hand. But there are times when he will start moving and I have to put one hand in front of the other.

One queston: for how long do you recommend handling a chahoua in one session?? I've heard 5-10 minutes.


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I think 5-10 minutes is a good idea. Beyond that, both of you might get bored.


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