Crested Gecko Eye Problem(second opinion needed)


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Hi guys,

We have a female crested gecko called Luna. We've had her for 5 years and thats roughly her age.

She has in the past week started to get a white spot in her eye, it's located behind the pupil so when I shine light in her eye the pupil closes and you can't see the white formation.

I have been to vets this morning with her and he has given me the option of ultrasound and possibly remove her eye, or just remove her eye? Both require anesthesia and stress. The concerning thing is he didn't seem to know what it was and was going to have a look to see if there are any common issues with geckos. I have her booked in for ultrasound on Thursday he said it could be a cataract or a tumor or something he doesn't know off hand..

With this being a large forum I'm hoping somebody has come across this before and can offer some suggestions.

She is eating and drinking normally and it doesn't seem to be affecting her in any way.

I've attached photos if you zoom into her eye hopefully the resolution is the same.

Thanks guys.


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In my opinion, if the vet told you exactly what it was and why it definitely needed surgery, I'd go for it, but otherwise, I'd recommend watching it to see if it grows. My oldest crestie who is 15, had a spot on the eye for a few years. It was kind of a frosted spot, rather than a white one. It didn't seem to be bothering him, so I ignored it. I just looked and it's gone.


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