Crested Gecko Housing?


New Member
So I will be getting a crested gecko in a few weeks. I don't know how old they are at Pet Smart but they look like babies or juveniles. If I'm housing 1 can I keep it in a large KK until it's a sub adult and then move him/her to a 18" x 18" x 24" terrarium? O and what weight in grams would you consider a crested gecko to be a sub adult?


Ridgewood, NJ
I keep mine in 6qt sterilites until about 6g then move them up to KK's until about 15-20g and then exoterras or large Sterilite tubs. You usually can't tell their gender 100% until 20-25g as males can hold out of showing you their pores until they're bigger (if pores show earlier then you know its male earlier!) I'd probably consider them sub-adult around 30-40g and adult over 40g - give or take a couple. It should take them about 12-18 months to get to sub-adult size and about 2 years to get to breeding weight, which as I understand it is about 45g.

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