crested gecko

  1. C

    Plant Lighting?

    Hi! I am new to the reptile world and will soon be introducing a crestie into a bio active setup i will be building myself. Through my research I’ve discovered UVB isn’t necessary for cresties. But I do plan on having plants such as pothos, snake plants, bromeliads & nerve plants in the setup. I...
  2. J

    Crested Gecko Eye Problem?

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum, just hopping on to ask a question. I was cleaning my crested gecko’s enclosure today and noticed this abnormality in one of his eyes. It looks like his pupil has somehow expanded or broken somehow as it is rectangle instead of the regular sharp ovalish shape I...
  3. K

    Crested gecko hurt face.

    about 3 months ago my crestie is having this type of wounds I almost have had to remove everything sharp and/or irritable for his skin on the enclosure but he keeps bumping into stuff (I don’t know where), I don’t know how to proceed, I’m thinking of changing him into a tupper to see if is...
  4. Silas0526

    Escaped Gecko

    Last night, I opened a place on the lid for wires to put a thermometer probe in. I forgot to close it, and he got out sometime last night. I tore my room apart searching for him, and I can still not find him. I also quickly searched the nearby rooms, and put a towel under the door to make sure...
  5. Silas0526

    Male or Female Crested Gecko

    I bought a crested gecko from pet smart yesterday. Do you think it is a male or female gecko?
  6. T

    URGENT! AC broke and I need to cool my crestie FAST

    This morning I realized my AC in my apartment was broken. It's over 80 f in here and I don't know how to cool my baby crestie down or what to do. He's about 5-6 months old. Please, I don't want to lose him.
  7. Silas0526


    I have a heat lamp on the right side of my 20 gallon tank, and the temp on the left side is 3 degrees above what it should be. Is there anything I could do to lower the temp on the left side without lowering the right temp?
  8. Silas0526

    3d printing for crested gecko?

    I have a 3d printer, and I want to use it to 3d print for my gecko. Would pla be safe for them, or wood pla?
  9. K

    Baby Harlequin Flame cresties

    Hi! I'm looking to rehome a few baby and one crestie that's about 3-4 months old. They're from a pair that was sold to me at an expo, very beautiful color and they're all very handleable. I'm located in Northern Illinois!
  10. F

    Gecko starrt wand an

    Ich habe mir vor gestern einen Kronengecko gekauft (auf der Terraristika). Ich habe mich vorher auch gut informiert aber Tagsüber liegt er nur rum, was natürlich nicht verwunderlich ist weil er schläft, aber wenn er aufwacht setzt er sich auf den Boden und starrt die Kork rückwand an. Da ich...
  11. F869BB32-5F0C-49B2-ABFB-7C0E0108492E.jpeg


    Pepper, my other baby! Crested gecko, red based phantom super dalmation!
  12. 16DCF1AE-F87D-4C50-A6C7-B30BFF15EA44.jpeg


    My Tarzan! Crested gecko, red spot tiger dalmation.
  13. A

    Continuous egg laying?

    Hello. I have a female crested gecko that I have had since she was about two months old. This year she turned 6. I have noticed for the past 8-10 months she has been laying eggs. This is a new behavior for her. She has never been around males so they are definitely dud eggs. My concern is the...
  14. P

    EMERGENCY, baby crested gecko potential tail rot

    I've had two babies me and my girlfriend have hatched at the end of July 2021, they've both been completely fine before no behavioral or physical issues, they're fed repashy every two days where they both have eaten completely fine. The only problem so far has been that one has been slightly...
  15. O

    I need some help!

    Let me start by saying this is Lilo! Lilo is about 8 months and I've had her since the beginning of March. She belonged to my uncle along with her sibling, he didn't play with them much and only fed them crickets, no crested gecko diet or anything like that. He dusted crickets every other day...
  16. M

    Hot glue in crested gecko enclosure?

    Hi I created this account because I need help, I used hot glue all over a dowel and glued fake plants to it for my gecko and she’s very flighty and it scared her to put it in but after I put it in I realized that hot glue needs 24 hours to cure, it is completely dry and I finished it hours ago...
  17. D

    Crested Gecko not Sticking?

    Hi, I've had my crested gecko for a while now and I've never had this issue before, but he isn't able to stick to things anymore. He used to sleep in leaves but now he just sits at the top of the terrarium. If I take him out he'll feel really slippery and he struggles a lot. He's been like this...
  18. U

    Pores? Weird white spot?

    Hello all! I'm a new Crested gecko owner who just purchased one at PetSmart a couple weeks ago. I know PetSmart isn't a good place to get anything but after months of searching stores in my area, they're the only ones with Cresties. I have my new scaled friend in a fully bioactive converted...
  19. C102EC4A-2412-4EA1-8D83-19B1812498E8.jpeg


    Our almost 12 month crestie
  20. C

    What type of crested gecko is this?