Crested Gecko


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Hello! I am looking to rehome my 2 year old Crestie. His name is Icarus and he is a tri-color Harlequin Crested Gecko. He is an awesome dude, but unfortunately I'm moving and need to find him a new home. He is a beautiful guy, and flames up quite often. He is very active at night, and like to watch me whenever I come into the room and turn the lights on for a moment. I live in Southern Middle Tennessee and am looking to sell him and everything I have for him. This includes, a 55-gallon aquarium tank including two hoods with lights -one light is a tropical reptile light, a 10-gallon holder tank, a small reptile carrier container, live and fake plants, hydro-ball clay ball substrate and ABG soil mix, driftwood, food dish, food (Repashy), vines, moss, cleaning supplies (cleaning solution and sponges), tongs, mister.

I'm not interested in shipping him, as I want all his stuff to go with him, and it would be a hassle to ship it all. So, he would have to go to someone who can come pick him up.



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