Crickets dying, can't move legs


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My crickets are dying. I already typed this out once and lost it so now I'm just going to bang it out. They die on their back, can't move their legs. I'm attaching a youtube video.

1) I'm not great about cleaning their cage-it usually takes a couple days for me to remove dead ones, and I don't clean their poo until I get a new batch. Should I be more careful about this?

2)I use a renuzit air freshener. Could that hurt them?

3) I've had them for a couple weeks. Their time to die?

4) my gecko isn't very interested in them-could they taste bad due to something killing them?

5) virus. I do't know much about it but it seems worrying

Which is the most likely of these, and how should I prevent it? How should I clean my cage if theres something bad in it-I usually just spray the inside with spring water and wipe it out. I'm attaching a couple pics of their enclosure
IMG_0506.jpg IMG_0505.jpg


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I wish I could help,but don't know why they're dying. Based on the video, they don't look that old. Crickets generally live for 9 weeks or so. It looks as if you're giving them what they need: cricket food, water crystals and a place to stand. I get crickets 1000 at a time and it's not unusual for a bunch of them to die, but it doesn't show up so much because I have so many.


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