Do I have smart leopard gecko?


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I got a leopard gecko around 2 months ago and have barely been able to handle him at all. I've always thought my gecko was kinda dumb. He can barely find his food that's right in front of him. One day, whenever I took the lid off the top of his cage, he would look up for minutes, completely ignoring food and anything else(He has never done this before). He did this for weeks every time I removed the lid. Whenever I put my hand near him u would immediately climb up it slowly (wich he has never wanted to do before). He did this every day until one day my hand got close to the edge of his tank while I was holding him. He slowly walked to the top of the edge then started sprinting away. Nothing startled him at all. he was perfectly calm and being slow, he only sped up when there was a chance to escape. Is it possible he started trying to escape whenever I took the lid off his tank? I feel like he noticed he can escape when theirs no lid and he could just climb up my arm to get out. Also he has been above his tank before while I was holding him, But there was no good opportunity to escape.


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I've had leopard geckos that have gotten out because I inadvertently left the enclosure open. Once I've found them again (nearly 100% success rate) and re-caged them, they definitely seem to remember that they could get out!