Eclipse and Bell For Sale


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Aurora, CO
Moving my projects in a different direction and Decided to sell what was the beginning of a RADAR project. Located in Aurora, CO. Shipping is Available through Prices are as posted OBO within reason. Both come with a Full health/ satisfaction guarantee.

1.0 Extreme Emerine Bell Albino Paul Allen Line
Produced by David's Fine Geckos 2013
Proven Breeder. 75gr

2015-09-08 20.52.49.jpg 2015-09-08 20.53.59.jpg

0.1 Eclipse het Bell (poss w/y)
Produced by GeckoBoa 7/16/14
Ready To breed. 43gr

2015-09-08 20.58.23.jpg 2015-09-08 20.57.14.jpg 2015-09-08 20.56.39.jpg

Both have very sweet demeanors. Pictures just don't do them justice. Can send more pictures upon request.

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