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  1. CherryBlossom TheLeo

    What morph is my leopard gecko?

    Alright so we got my daughters leopard gecko, Cherry Blossom, in August. She was labeled as a hypo bell albino. I’m not going to lie I’m a little confused by what each morph means… I assume albino bell is the coloration of her, and hypo is the pattern or lack thereof. but I’m also not sure how...
  2. Red Stripe Bell het Eclipse

    Red Stripe Bell het Eclipse

  3. Red Stripe Bell het Eclipse

    Red Stripe Bell het Eclipse

  4. zoe1103

    Possibly gravid?

    Hi! Is my female gravid? She was paired July 29th and Aug 1st. At first I thought she was ovulating now these “spots” are getting larger. I’m new to breeding so please bear with me! thank you! -Zoe
  5. P

    Eclipse and Bell For Sale

    Moving my projects in a different direction and Decided to sell what was the beginning of a RADAR project. Located in Aurora, CO. Shipping is Available through Prices are as posted OBO within reason. Both come with a Full health/ satisfaction guarantee. 1.0 Extreme...
  6. doc

    Looking for W&Y White and Yellow OR SHTCT Male Leopard Gecko

    Looking for a W&Y Male for breeding. Preferably full grown, no albino hets unless it's bell. Health is a priority, of course, and a good temperament. contact me through PM please! thank you! :main_laugh:
  7. doc

    reptile lover from seattle here!

    hello! i have owned reptiles for about a year now, but i'm new to forums and new to breeding. my name's bagi and reptiles are my passion and most favorite pets to keep. i've kept many pets such as dogs, rodents, birds, etc but i've never enjoyed caring for something as much as i do with...
  8. V

    Buy one get one 50% off until January 7th!

    For the first week of 2015, I'm doing a buy one get one 50% off sale. The 50% animal will be the one of lower value. I have four, possibly five leopard geckos for sale. I have a female leopard gecko, Bold Jungle morph. Wanted to breed her this past season, but she reaches a plateau in her...
  9. Kevin

    Collection for Sale

    Life changing events require that I sell my collection. I have spent the last year and a half putting this collection together and really hate to let them go. Anyway I have listed the breeding groups below with my asking price. Prices are negotiable as I need to move these quickly and the more...
  10. P


    I am looking for 1 MALE MACK SNOW BELL ALBINO and 1 FEMALE MACK SNOW BELL ALBINO. Will PAY. Please reply if you have any Mack Snow Bell Albinos OR know if someone has them. :) THANK You. :D
  11. L

    Mack Snows, TONS of jungles, adult bell albinos, hypos, tangerines, and more!

    It's a great time of year for Leopard Geckos - we have tons in stock! Baby RAPTOR $49.99 each Baby Jungle Snow $59.99 each w/ stub tails: $49.99 each Small High Yellows $25.99 each w/ nipped tails $19.99 each Small Blazing Blizzard $49.99 each Small Albino $29.99 each...
  12. eyelids

    Stunning W/Y Mack Snow Bell and Amazing High Contrast Bell

    It is impossible for me to capture the smooth creamy white and bold lavender color of this special gecko. He looks like he will color up nicely and I guarantee he will stay bold and not fade out. As a bonus he is a Funky Jungle sib and can possibly produce Funky Jungles. I don't know how it...
  13. H

    1.1 Tang Bell Albinos and 1.1 Tremper Sunglows

    First up a male tang Bell Albino. He is a 2010 baby, and weighed 43g as of 6/18. $60 Next, a female tang Bell Albino. Also a 2010 baby. Weighed 43g as of 6/18. $70 Male Tremper Sunglow. A 2010 baby. Weighed 49g as of 6/18. $60 And last, a female Tremper Sunglow. Also a 2010...
  14. Zynx_Keekeio

    8 Leopard Geckos for sale- $300 OBO

    Well school time has come and it's time for me to move on :) I still love them so much and maybe later on I'll be able to own one or a few but right now I am ready to let go. I have the following that as a group I can sell for 300 shipped or seperate and prices are upon request. I also can...