feeding bugs?


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My girl I think still too young to tell I think scared to hold her upside down to check. She is quite active right now. Currently trying to decide where I can find food other that just crickets of meal worms wax worms, quite frankly would be scared to feed her a super worm they have big heads and pincher it might try to eat her from inside out. I' Got several dead crickets in the bag from PetSmart from United States, I live in Georgia. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy feeder bugs from. How can you keep crickets alive longer? What are Dubia roaches? Can you recommend worms other than meal or wax or super? Please help want her to be healthy.


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Dubia roaches are a species of tropical roaches that don't fly and can't survive in most of the US climates. They are illegal to have in FL due to the climate being hospitable to them but I think they're OK for GA. You can have some shipped to you. Check out dubiaroaches.com to get an intro package. You may be able to mail order silkworms (sometimes they're hard to find) and you should be able to mail order hornworms (they are a lovely powder blue color). I have had no problems with super worms and the smaller ones are less intimidating.
Crickets can be ordered in bulk from a number of sources. My favorite is tophatcrickets.com. Your best bet, with only 1 gecko, is to order a bunch of smaller crickets, like 1/2" so they will last longer as they grow up. An average cricket lifespan is 9 weeks so if you get the largest ones, they will die before you're fed them all off. For best success, crickets need egg crate to stand on, so they don't crush each other, a bedding of powdered grain, and a moisture source (a wet sponge in a small container or those polymer water crystals). Some die off is inevitable.


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