Female reabsorbing eggs


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So, I have to say that my first season trying to breed didn't go very well! My female went through plenty of ovulation cycles and showed egg development, but every set was eventually reabsorbed. I paired her several times throughout the season when she was receptive to a male. I'm pretty sure at least one of those pairings was successful (although I guess I wouldn't really know for certain, haha). But she never laid a single egg the entire season.

I'm interested in thoughts for next year. Is it worth trying to breed this same pair, or should I try to find another female? I suppose it could also be the male, but I was really hoping to reproduce some of his traits.


Environment background: My geckos get fed regularly with gutloaded mealworms and dubia. Supplements are Repashy Calcium Plus, calcium complex + D3 from beardeddragon.co, and sometimes their multivitamin mix. It's been pretty hot this summer (typical for me), so heat isn't a problem. The female in question is a very healthy weight, and although she's certainly dropped a few grams during the breeding season, she's by no means thin.


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What do you think of the idea of getting another female and breeding them both to the male? If you could get a proven female that would be a good idea so you can rule out the male as a problem. I have had females that never laid eggs or never laid fertile eggs. I feel this was more of a problem in my last few years of breeding (as well as an increased number of females who finished their breeding seasons in pretty bad shape) and I wonder if this has anything to do with the general health of leopard gecko stock.


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