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I'm paying homage to my bearded dragon Frederique who passed away today at the age of 12 1/2. Frederique came to me 7 years ago when her original owner left for collage. That family initially hadn't known about supplementation, though they eventually figured it out. Still, when I got Frederique she was half the size of a normal bearded dragon and had misshapen legs and a kinked tail. The bony ridges over her eyes were overgrown making her look like some kind of spook. She couldn't hunt well and had to be hand-fed her crickets. Still, she had a huge heart and when I put her down on the living room floor she would commando crawl all over the room! She loved her greens but wasn't so into fruit.
This winter, Frederique didn't come out of brumation so well. She stopped walking, slept most of the time and needed to be hand fed all her food. Still, she ate like a champ, even this morning. When we went to check on her in her cage this afternoon she was gone. Still, she had a very well lived and well loved life.
Here is Frederique at the age of 10 eating her crickets:


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