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My mom wants me to "entertain the thought of getting rid of one set of lizards". She doesn't like having "all the tanks". There's 2 fish tanks, which I may combine plus one comes to school with me, my gecko tank, and my uro tank. That's it. And the herps usually leave for a whole semester at a time when a friend watches them while i'm away for school. How is 2 lizard tanks too many? I'm so frustrated because she doesn't seem to get that just because she thinks they're gross it doesn't mean that I'm not very emotionally attached to them. My uros have the funniest personalities, my male is just the biggest goof. My geckos have sweet temperaments and I got them when I was severely depressed and they helped get me through a tough time. She even suggested giving the uros back to their original owner who gave them drastically insufficient care.


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If it's really a question of her aesthetics vs. your aesthetics, there may be some things you can do, such as getting a piece of furniture that can display the tanks more attractively and less conspicuously. Sometimes, though, the real reason for the disagreement is deeper and there are other things behind it. In that case, you have to find some way to get to the bottom of it and there may be on way to resolve it, except possibly to say "uh huh, uh huh" until you're done with college and can leave the house.