Gargoyle feeding issue


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Lawaton, Ok
I have a few new adult and juvenile Gargoyle Geckos each housed individually in 12 x 12 x 24 cages with lots of sticks, fake plants, and a feeding ledge with food and water cups and I mist them every evening.

My problem is I don't think that they are eating the food (Pangea, 2 different flavors). Each night when I feed them it does not appear that they are eating any of it and it eventually dries up and is thrown away. However, if I put food on a spoon or stick in front of them, they all readily lick it up.

Any tips on getting them to find and use their food bowl? Just don't want to have to hand feed them forever.

Thanks, Dave


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Somerville, MA
Welcome to GF. I have an enclosure with 1.2 gargoyles, another enclosure with a leachie and another enclosure with a crestie. I refresh their food every Mon, Wed, Fri. Frequently the food looks untouched, but they are growing and healthy. I recommend, unless you like doing it, not hand-feeding, continuing to offer food in the bowls and keep an eye on whether they continue to look the same size or are losing weight. See if they will eat crickets as well (I offer them twice a week and they all eat them except for the leachie). I bet they'll do just fine.



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Have you tried placing the food dishes in a different location? If they don't really spend any time on the ledge, you might try experimenting with some different placements! Also, what substrate are you using? Are you finding any droppings in the enclosure? If so, your geckos are eating! Monitoring droppings and weight are both really good ways to make sure your animals are eating properly. If you're having trouble telling if/how often your geckos are defecating, you might consider using paper towel as a substrate for a little while, as this is probably the easiest one to quickly identify droppings on.

Hope they start getting munchy soon! :D