Gecko laid an infertile egg, appears to have another one in her?


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So a bit of context...
I haven't had this girl very long, a couple of months. She is just over a year old, this would be her first egg. She laid an infertile egg about 2 weeks ago. No sign that she would lay, no digging and she laid the egg on her slate. She hasn't been paired with a male. I've noticed since she laid, one her sides has become skinner but the other side still looks swollen/slightly wider than the other side. I suspected she may have another egg in her so I had a look and it looks to be another in there, however it has been 2 weeks since she last laid and she isn't showing any sign again of laying eggs. She has a huuuge appetite and always seems hungry. She has a dish of calcium in her viv. She is deficating normally and nothing else seems off. She is very active but mostly stays on her warm side.
Looking at the pictures, does she have an egg in her? Should I be concerned that she has not laid it yet?
Thanks :)


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I do think I see an egg in her but it may be the egg for the next clutch. Some geckos lay a single egg instead of 2 and this is possibly what you're seeing. If she gets lethargic, stops eating and still doesn't lay (get her a lay box to encourage her to lay it), then she will need a reptile vet visit.


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