Gecko lays eggs and tail dies?

Northen Geckos

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Hi there. I have a female leopard gecko who in the past has only ever laid one egg at a time. This has happened lots over the past 2 years and is nothing new to us. But today she laid 2 eggs! Never has this happened. But now her tail is partially dead from the tip up to about half way up her tail. She is housed alone. Any reason this may have happened?


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I also highly recommend a vet. Any vet will do. You can research reptile vets, but if one is not available to you, go to any close at hand. If a vet does not know about your animal they log onto a vet program and ask other vets. That way you get virtual specialized care. All I know is that the tail is where they store their reserves. Perhaps they did not have enough reserves for the two eggs. Keep trying a variety of food, ensure they are dusted, MAKE SURE you have CALCIUM available for them.

I always keep a supply of carnivore care in my freezer. Can get off amazon or vet. This is a complete supplement that I force feed when I feel it is necessary.

Good luck. Please keep us updated, because what you learn will help others