Gecko Time: Living with Crypto - a 3 year update


So if I'm not mistaken, I read somewhere that a prescription of paromomycin could be administered to the gecko to slow the parasite. Now, as a lifetime treatment, would the geckos be able to live out a full life or would the parasite take over and kill the gecko overtime? Also, what are the symptoms for humans who contract this parasite along with how it affects their daily lives?


Staff member
I don't think the specific crypto organism that affects geckos will affect humans. There are many protozoa; the one that affects humans is often acquired from contaminated swimming areas and I think the primary symptom is diarrhea. It's not fatal in humans except for those who are immuno-compromised or have other medical problems that makes the diarrhea difficult to recover from. I would imagine that any drugs developed to fight protozoic parasites (the drug you mention is often used to combat giardiasis in humans) would be helpful. Since most of my geckos are doing well and appear fat and healthy, even after 3 years, I've decided not to treat and to just keep them as well cared for as possible. I clean their poop tile off with hydrogen peroxide and keep the cages clean.


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