Gecko update


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Hello I posted last month about my gecko going off his food and he seemed a bit lethargic. The details of his tank and food is on there.
While he must be eating he has lost a bit of weight and seems more lethargic. He squints his eyes open but seems half asleep all the time.
He has shed for the first time in maybe 2 months. Usually he manages to get all the skin off bar a few toes on the same foot. I soak his feet and the skin comes off.
This time he has patches of old skin on his tail, on the top of his head and eyelid and underneath his jaw. I've bathed him but its quite stuck on, I'll keep giving him the baths. While shedding he hurt his leg, its red and missing a layer of skin I think but not bleeding. After his bath he must have been biting on his toes as they're red and sore but don't have skin on them So I don't know why that would be an area he's bothered by.
I dont think his skin looks as bright as it should for being new.
I'll try find details of a vet that could help but does anyone know what this could be?


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Sometimes there can be symptoms that you can see but the real problem isn't visible and a reptile vet needs to look at him. Check that your floor temperatures are not too hot and that he's getting an appropriate amount of vitamin D3 and calcium. If you need to find a reptile vet in your area you can look here: