Gecko won’t eat every day


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We got our leopard gecko around March. We got her from PetSmart, so we do not know how old she is, but we think she is around 8 months give or take. For some reason she won’t eat everyday. There will be a few days where she eats in a row, but then she will go a day or two without wanting to eat. Her ambient temperature is 75 degree a and her heat pad is regulated between 80-90. I thought it was because she was not hot enough, but the information I found says it is a good temperature. Then I thought that maybe she eats on her own because when I leave the food in there with her, most of the time some will be gone. I offer her mostly dubia roaches, but I will feed her crickets on occasion. She looks like a healthy weight as far as I know, she acts normal, and she has normal stool. Please let me know if there is something I need to change.
P.s she is in a 20 gallon tank I believe but I am in the process of her going to a 40 or 50 gallon enclosure. Thanks!


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If she's 8 months, she doesn't need to be fed every day. Two to three times a week is sufficient. This isn't unusual for reptiles. I feed my adult geckos twice a week. You can leave a bowl of mealworms in there on other days for a snack if you want.



I gotta question. My local petshop told me that dubia roaches are no good for leopard geckos because they can't digest the exoskeleton. Is this true?

Also my Gecko is ten months and has no true eating pattern. I offer food every other day but he just eats when he wants to.