Giant day gecko terrarium

Corey Tre

New Member
Hello everyone I had a question regarding my day geckos. Currently I have 2 giant day geckos a male and a female. Right now I have two enclosures and I was wondering which you all would recommend is better. The first enclosure is an 18x18x36 tank that obviously is taller. The other tank is a 30x18x30 screen enclosure. Obviously the screen enclosure has more space about 20 extra gallons to be exact. The 18x18x36 is a glass 50 gallons and the 30x18x30 screen enclosure is 70 gallons. My question is mainly concerning whether or not a screen enclosure is even possible for day geckos seeing as they need a humid environment. If it is then obviously I will go with the larger screen enclosure however i'm curious if it is better off keeping them in the smaller glass enclosure simply for heating and humidity purposes. I know screen enclosures are typically meant more for chameleons. So should I go with smaller glass or larger screen. I should also mention that the cage is going to be setup in my bedroom and the air conditioning is occasionally on so that may not be ideal for the screen enclosure even though a strong enough heat bulb could counter that. Thanks for any help.


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Somerville, MA
I would go with the smaller glass because I agree that screen will make it very difficult to maintain humidity, especially with AC.


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