Gravid female Tokay Gecko help.


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Hey i have a male and female Tokay gecko, they have lived together for well over a year maybe even 2 years now! And she has laid eggs 3 times in the past but sadly she ate the eggs! I saw them mating maybe about 2 - 3weeks ago and she is looking very plump!
Ive noticed though that the last 5 days or so she has been a very dark colour and just hanging around where she usually lays her eggs which is on a log and also just lies on the floor of the enclosure :( I haven't noticed a decrease in apatite, i haven't seen any abnormal stools and she is still as feisty! I haven't picked her up as i do not want to stress her out.
But the last 3 times she laid it happened over night and i didn't notice a change in her behavior like this!
Is there something wrong?
Do you think she cannot lay or is in pain?
I'm a little worried so any help or advice would be great!

Ive attached a link for a photo of her below that i took today, she's usually alot brighter and loves hanging out at the top of the enclosure. Thanks.


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