1. A

    Continuous egg laying?

    Hello. I have a female crested gecko that I have had since she was about two months old. This year she turned 6. I have noticed for the past 8-10 months she has been laying eggs. This is a new behavior for her. She has never been around males so they are definitely dud eggs. My concern is the...
  2. M

    Rescue gecko egg bound?

    Hello! I rehabilitate/rescue reptiles. I just took in two female leos yesterday, one is very clearly "gravid"..? I personally haven't had a gecko look like this while gravid, one of her eggs is very pronounced and misshapen. I've left her with a lay box overnight and she hasn't done anything...
  3. zoe11032

    How close are we to hatching?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here :) I have a quick question. I have a female leopard gecko that laid 3.26.2021. I am incubating for TSM (temp. sex males), at 88 F. When should I expect these babies to hatch? I've heard anywhere from 30-50 days. So if I put it in a calendar, what is the earliest and...
  4. F

    Unexpected surprise

    So I woke up today and my Male leopard left a little surprise in the tank for me only 1 egg not 2
  5. L

    Need opinions pleaaase

    Hi my leopard gecko Bella has been losing weight recently and her tail has become thinner and her abdomen has become larger, she is pooping fine, so I am worried that there are eggs, she has never laid eggs before and I’m worried as I can’t actually tell if it’s eggs. Any help would be much...
  6. acpart

    Igor is not Igor

    I have had a leachianus gecko, Igor, for nearly 5 1/2 years. I was told he was male and it seemed to me that he was male. Last night Igor laid 2 eggs. The cool thing about leachies is that they can, on occasion, lay fertile eggs without benefit of a male and hatch parthenogenetic babies. I'm...
  7. A


    Im so worried about my baby. I only noticed the stomach this morning and have no idea if its eggs that are growing.
  8. D

    Gold Dust Day Gecko eggs

    Hello, My name is Devon, and my partner and i recently got a new addition to the family, neither of us are very experienced with them. She laid a pair of eggs a week after we got her and ended up having 1 more and the an additional pair there after, well here it is Roughly about 45 days, as i...
  9. F

    Leopard Gecko Laying Eggs - HD

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share an amazing experience we get to work with every year around this time! Best of luck this season! Mic(FunWithLife)
  10. thathighherpguy

    Bearded Lady just laid her eggs!

    This is Claws our 3 year old bearded lady and her second clutch this season! And this is her out of this world snowflake egg =]
  11. B

    Gargoyle Gecko Eggs - Help!

    Hi All, Our 3 year old Gargoyle Gecko seems to have laid two eggs in the enclosure. This was a bit of a shock as we had always thought it was a boy, and there is only one gecko in there. What should we do with the eggs? Unless Gargoyle Geckos can reproduce A-Sexually then I guess they are...
  12. A

    Gravid female Tokay Gecko help.

    Hey i have a male and female Tokay gecko, they have lived together for well over a year maybe even 2 years now! And she has laid eggs 3 times in the past but sadly she ate the eggs! I saw them mating maybe about 2 - 3weeks ago and she is looking very plump! Ive noticed though that the last 5...
  13. L

    HUGE Incubator sale now through Sunday, March 10th!

    Sale on incubators, incubation medium, and select thermostats going on now (03-06-13) through Sunday (03-10-13)!! Need an incubator? We have multiple models and features to choose from, all proven successful with many different types of eggs. The tried and true Basic Hovabator, model...
  14. L

    ExoTerra Reptile Incubator - New and Improved!

    In Stock just in time for egg season! The ExoTerra Reptile Incubator is back with a new and improved design! The newly re-designed Exo Terra Reptile Incubator uses thermoelectric technology which enables the device to cool and to heat. The temperature range is approximately 2C to 60C...
  15. A

    Need help about female Gekko Grossmanni!

    Hey, i have 1 male Marbled gecko (gekko grossmanni) housed with 2 females, they have been together around 4months or more and have been getting along great! Although i noticed that one of the females has lost alot of weight! So i checked around the enclosure because maybe she laid eggs and i...
  16. S

    Pictus Eggs! A little help?

    So my female has laid a total of 3 eggs (which came as a big surprise to me when i sifted through her bedding) and I'm incubating them somewhere around 82-84 degrees right now (because of leo eggs) so is that a good temp for these guys? I assume so because it seems like a good guess when it...
  17. M

    gravid garge problems...

    Help! Hi im new to this site, and this is my first post. im a fairly new reptile owner. I have a gravid female she has been gravid for nearly 2 months now. Is she egg bound? i have a lay box in there with sphagnum moss and peat moss. i use exo terra jungle earth as substrate. The temp is a...
  18. UKFatties

    I need egg help!

    Hi, So basically i am in a bit of a predicament...... the picture below shows two of my eggs and clearly the one on the left is mouldy, infertile (never showed up pink but i incubated anyway just in case) and is smelling so im planning to throw it as im 99.9% sure that is isnt going to hatch...
  19. O

    Infertile Egg

    i am new to breeding geckos and this is the first time my gecko has been pregnant and she stopped eating and later layed an infertile egg. Now it looks like she has no more eggs in her but she still wont eat. she is an african fat tailed gecko and her tail is extremely thin. What should i do?