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HEY! First post here, not sure how active these forums are still however I would like to see what information everyone has about the breeding of this species. More specifically the incubation process?
I took in a breeding pair who have been together their whole lives from a lady who was relatively local to me. I did ask her what her process/incubation periods, temps ect. She had basically said she left the eggs out at room temp (72-75ish?) I cannot imagine this would be the most appropriate ? Any information is greatly appreciated


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I have not bred or owned halmahera geckos, but I have bred crested geckos and gargoyle geckos. The limited research I did just now on the internet states, as I'd thought, that breeding halmaheras is similar to these other species. The eggs are actually incubated roughly at room temperature. I chose to use an incubator set to 72F because I live in a house with no AC and I knew that during the summer the temps could fluctuate widely. I did have a couple of geckos hatch in the parents' enclosure because I didn't find the eggs in time. I recommend reading some care sheets that you'll find if you google "breeding halmahera geckos". The care sheet I read stated that the eggs could take up to 6 months to hatch!


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