Help!! Crested Gecko


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When attempting to put crestie back in his cage my dog got ahold of him. I picked him up and while holding him he was shaking and his mouth was opened really wide. His tail also looks as if it was seizing. He's been trying to move around and he'll drink some water, but not eating. He can't move his back legs, I'm not sure if it's his spine or just the legs. I don't live near any exotic vets. I'm not sure what to do. Please help!


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Somerville, MA
I don't think there's much you (or any vet) can do. You may need to put some CGD on his lips and let him lick it off, or hand feed him crickets. I had a hatchling gecko once that accidentally got closed in the door of the enclosure and ended up losing the use of her back legs. I was able to keep her for about a year, hand feeding her and peeling off her shed from the back legs. This one may adjust, may get better, or you may lose him. I hope there is a reasonable outcome for both of you.