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so I've got 2 beautiful American toads I got about 8 months ago. we lost one awhile ago because he refused to eat. my biggest toad, marble is not hesitant about eating and eats roaches mealworms crickets and her absolute favorite, earthworms!! as I normally do a few times a month I observe my animals close up, everywhere underarms by tails and vent, just to make sure everyone's in check and no fungus, disease, growths, etc. are growing. so im looking at marble and I see this tiny orange tick like insect creature crawling about on her skin. its to small to photograph. at the time i didnt think much and simply wiped it off and crushed it in my fingers. but a few hours later now I'm getting quite anxious I did not see anymore so could there be eggs I have a friend who got his tiger salamander the same place as I got my toads and he's had them for 5 years please let me know. I will send a tank pic sone but its bioactive with different types of moss the largest plant is a Janet Craig compacta which I got from the store and repotted all the roots and leaves are washed with water there is a golden pothos which I've had for ages and herbs, which I feed some to my dragons, the herbs include a Genovese basil, a Thai basil, mint, dillweed curly parsley all of which I grew from a seed in interestingly enough an aquaponics garden(a type of modern garden that grows plants twice as fast with just water no soil) all dirt and stuff from pet stores her poo looks fine the one time I saw it. goldenboy and marble have only been in this tank together for 3 months before they were in ten gallons quarantined. I've never had mites on nor my geckos or my dragons please help. if anyone knows any good credible amphibian forums that may be able to help more because I understand that there are only a few people that like geckos here;);) thanks


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In a bioactive setting there could be plenty of critters that aren't mites. You're right, that most people here can't really help. Check out frog and you may get more info that way.



I used to own frogs and I had the same problem. What it sounds like is mites. I'm not sure how you'd go about changing out a bioactive tank as ive never owned one. I got rid of mine by changing out their substrates and washing all of their stuff including the enclosures. I'm not 100% on what kind of insects they are so I'm not going to say they're mites but for the future I'd recommend completely washing anything you plan on putting in there, especially the live plants. Mites aren't necessarily dangerous if thats what they are, but they can overpopulate a tank quickly and become stressful for the frog. I hope you get it all sorted out.

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