Help; Mold; Need Guidance!


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hello everyone. I recently rescued a gargoyle gecko and set him up with a new 12x12x18 enclosure created about 6 days ago. Coconut coir substrate. I barely mist the enclosure once every couple of days especially since it’s been super humid and rainy this entire week and doesn’t need it. I have an under kitchen cabinet LED light on top of the cage. There is a part here of frog moss in the back corner. Humidity currently in mid 80’s but usually low 70’s. This morning I noticed some turquoise/greenish/whitish mold starting to grow on the two pieces of wood in there. Is this something I should be alarmed about and handle ASAP? Or is this normal? I’m assuming the tank needs to be a bit more dry as the only parts molding are where the wood touches the substrate. There’s also a small patch starting on the substrate. Photos attached. I’m new at this so I would appreciate any guidance from people who know what’s up (please, no guessing from Inexperienced folks so I can get right to it) thank you!!



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Somerville, MA
I have a lot of crestie enclosures. I don't worry about mold like that. If it really bothers you, remove the wood, scrape it off, maybe consider baking the wood for awhile and then put it back. One thing I really like about my planted enclosures is when mushrooms appear!