Hi, new to this forum!


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Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m new to this forum, but on a handful of other herp forums. I currently just have a dwarf, platinum retic from Reach Out Reptiles and a western hognose from a local breeder. I’m the past I’ve been lucky enough to keep a lot of species over my life including:
-Common water snake
-Ring neck
-Black rat snake
-black racer
-Brazilian rainbow boa
-Ball python
-Western hognose
-25% Jampea, 25% Kalatoa (dwarf) platinum reticulated python
-five lined skink
-Chinese water dragon
-Crested gecko
-Ambilobe Panther chameleon
I’m looking forward to learning from you all! I’m looking at converting a custom enclosure made for a panther chameleon into an enclosure for some of the New Caledonian geckos. I’ll start a specific thread on that. I don’t have any experience with housing multiple animals but the enclosure is huge and I want to make sure I’m doing it right.