How do Leopard geckos live in the wild?


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Although a bunch of info exists on the captive leos (care, breeding, genetics, diseases etc.), it was impossible for me to find reliable info on the wild populations. I have looked for scientific papers on the biology and population ecology of the species, but no success. I found some papers related to the anatomy, biochemistry, brain reaction, embryo development and sex determination in respect of the temperature, but nothing on the above mentioned topics that I am interested in.

I am interested on the following issues:

1) Do leos live in groups (dense/sparse) or they live in a solitary way?

2) What are their individual territories (home ranges) and do they defer between ages/sexes (I suppose that a male's territory probably cover the territories of several females)?

3)What is the level of inbreeding in the wild populations and what are the natural mechanisms to control it - what is the dispersal rate?

I found this type of information helpful in the care of the captive leos. I also find it interesting from a scientific point of view and just can not believe there is no research on that.

Any contribution on the topic will be highly appreciated!
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