How to get Leo to eat crickets?


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I have managed to raise a colony of crickets capable of fully feeding my Leo, somehow despite bad care they're going on their third or fourth generation since I hatched the first! Which is great, except now he won't touch them, at all, he'll even hide when offered crickets sometimes. He's not overly tame, rubbing food on his mouth or cutting one up so that he can smell it doesn't help, neither does removing the crickets back legs, and if he's hungry and hasn't eaten in a while he'd still rather starve himself.. Is there anything else I could do to make the crickets more appetizing?

I put a lot of work into getting the colony started back when he would eat them and hate to lose them all now, especially since my dubias (the thing he does love) haven't produced any young yet and are really expensive for me.

Oh and the crickets are gutloaded with the same greens, fruit, and grain as the other bugs.


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If I knew how to get a leo that isn't into crickets to like them, I would have had more success getting my kids to eat their veggies when they were little. The most you can do is keep offering and hope he gets the idea. I feed my many leopard geckos crickets and super worms and there are some that will only eat the crickets and some that will only eat the superworms.



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Haha, Aliza...

I have the same problem with my geckos; they all don't like the same foods. I have one little bugger that only likes mealworms. He'll eat a roach if he's hungry enough, but crickets, superworms, or silkworms... forget it.


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