How to safely catch a Tokay?


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Hello everyone!

First of all, I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this - I'm aware that this forum mostly consists of people who own a gecko as a pet. I just thought I might get some useful ideas here, I hope that's okay.

I live in Thailand and my house is basically surrounded by the jungle. As a result of that there are now about 3-4 Tokay who decided to move in with me. I didn't mind them at first (they take care of cockroaches and big spiders, so generally, I'm a fan!) But now one of them lives right behind my hung up clothes, which is a bit of an issue. My boyfriend is pretty scared of the Tokay, so I need to get it away from there.

Unfortunately Thai people tend to kill any rogue Tokay, but I obviously don't want that to happen. So, long story short: is there any safe/easy way to catch a Tokay so I can release it somewhere away from our house? Or is there any smell/herb/etc that they don't like, and that I could shoo them away with safely? I just don't want to get bitten, especially considering that these are wild Tokay that might also carry diseases.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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If you think you can grab it, wear work gloves and the bite won't affect you. Otherwise, consider getting a small net and using that. If you can get close enough to the tokay, you can also put a plastic container over it and then slide a piece of cardboard between the tokay and the wall. The tokay will then be caught in the container. You can carry it outside (take it pretty far from your house) and let it go.
Good luck!



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I used to live in the philippines and used fishnets or any kind of nets to catch them if they were somewhere unsafe in my house. i also lured them with cockroaches, superworms, or any big bugs to get them to come near. after the 2nd or 3rd bug, they will start to come very close and thats a good opportunity to get them too.