HUGE Incubator sale now through Sunday, March 10th!


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Sale on incubators, incubation medium, and select thermostats going on now (03-06-13) through Sunday (03-10-13)!!

Need an incubator? We have multiple models and features to choose from, all proven successful with many different types of eggs.


The tried and true Basic Hovabator, model 1602 - discounted to $44.99 each!

Make sure the air in your incubator doesn't stratify (different temperatures in different parts of the incubator) - try the Turbofan Hovabator model 2362 - discounted to $67.49 each!


Want to see your eggs better without having to lift the entire top of the incubator? Try the Picture Window Hovabator - model 1582! It's been discounted down to $62.99 each!

Get the best of everything! The Turbofan Picture Window Hovabator model 1583 - discounted to $80.99 each!


Digital thermostat built in, and more room than the standard hovabator - the ZooMed ReptiBator is flat out one of the easiest incubators to use, and until Sunday it's only $95!!


And of course, the new and improved ExoTerra Reptile Incubator, with digital controls to increase AND decrease temperature as needed. Until Sunday, these new incubators are only $127.95!

Vermiculite is only $2.79, and the popular and easy to use Hatchrite is $10!


Monitor your incubator temperatures closely and with precision using the top of the line Helix Proportional Thermostat - discounted to $137.95!

Check out ALL of the available incubators and incubation materials by clicking HERE!


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