Humane way to euthanize a gecko.


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Hi everybody, I have just joined this website with sad news. My four year old crested gecko is extremely sick and I think it's time to put him down. I love him to death, and I hate to see him suffering like this. He's had MBD for about two weeks now and his condition has only gone downhill. He's had this before in the past and I had been able to "cure" him rather quickly. This time however, it seems like nothing I'm doing is working. He's obviously in a lot of pain because his limbs are becoming deformed and he has extreme difficulty moving. He's been trying to shed for about three days now to no avail. Putting him down is NOT something I want to do, but it's unfair and selfish of me to try to keep him alive. He's surviving, but not living. Please reply if you know a quick and relatively painless way to do this.