Humidity Question


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Hi guys! I am a new leopard gecko owner and want to make sure I'm doing my best for them. I got my first baby two weeks ago and then one week ago was given another that is about 1 1/2 years old. So far so good. I have fallen in love with them! The only issue I'm having is with humidity. Everything I am reading says that 20-40% is best, but mine seems to be running closer to 50%. We live in a very humid area! There is no moisture in their enclosures other than a water bowl and moist hide, so I'm not sure how to reduce that humidity. Will it cause issues running a bit high? Thanks for the help!


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Somerville, MA
Don't worry about the humidity (as long as you're not misting the cage). Different places have different recommendations anyway. I live in New England with no AC. In the winter, with the forced hot air, it's very dry and we actually run humidifiers and have trouble exceeding 35%. In the summer it can be extremely humid. Everyone (including us) is fine. Ideally if you got a second leopard gecko you quarantined them from each other for at least a month. If not, just letting you know it's the safest thing to make sure both are healthy.