I need help (kind of) need info on what to get and how to care for it


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hi :)

I found a pet that me and my brother I both want that he won't put all the responsibility on me (like he did my hamsters and Parrotlets), and that is, in fact, reptiles/amphibians. so we're planning on buying the largest Zen Habitat. It would be Bioactive

I need 'help' with what we're gonna put in it, so I have a few questions:

are mourning geckos and house geckos compatible?

can you have a fogger running all day?

are reptile Heaters needed? (our house is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit)

can they all eat Rapashy crested gecko diet/food? (if I got mourning geckos and house geckos)?

any insects that could live in it (i.e. madagascarian hissing cockroaches, millipedes, spiders

that's all, I think, Thanks!
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Your best bet is to pick one species and go with that. Mourning geckos are enough smaller than house geckos that they would end up being house gecko dinner. With a large enclosure I recommend going with house geckos. Read some care sheets for the species you choose carefully. Look at the exact numbers for heat and humidity. This will tell you what to do. For example, if it says they need 90 degree basking spot or floor temperature, then obviously your 70 degree house isn't enough. Also, with a large Zen habitat, consider crested geckos which are more able to be handled and don't need basking lights or hot spots.


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