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Amherstview, ON Canada
Hi all!

I am not sure if I introduced myself earlier, but since there are moves to bring more life to the forum, well why not risk a repeat intro! LOL

My name is Lynn, but some call me Katt (very old yahoo nickname) ... and I got "addicted" to cresties back in 2012 with my first pair. Since then I have taken an avid interest and grown to the stage of doing my best to run a small business from a very crowded apartment (30 cresties, mix of breeders and juvies and such ... and 9 eggs atm in the incubator). I am breeding and selling the cresties (once they reach a certain weight) and have recently added authorized reseller of supplies and equipment. I have had a vendor table at the Peterborough and Gatineau shows, but I no longer have a car so the shows will be not as frequent for a bit.

I have gone from the baseline morphs that are more pet quality than anything, to spending the money and now am working with high-contrast harlequin morphs. There are always changes in the market, so I am still keeping a dark line for versatility.

I am always looking to help educate where I can ... but there are so many rude opinionated folks out there, sometimes I am not so sure about posting.

Either way, I am here ... ask any questions and I will try to answer. Just can't promise no smart-mouth goofball, of course.

Oh and I also have helped folks with building websites, and I do computer art items for an art program called "POSER" ...


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Welcome. It's an art dealing with rude people and hopefully it won't be too much of an issue here.