large group of breeder Leos for sale


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I have a large group of Leos for sale, I am investing more time into my ball pythons and would like to get these beautiful animals to someone who can care for them and possibly profit from them as a business. Below is a list of what I have available. They are all adult breeders.

Tremper albino
Males 3
Females 2
Males 2
Females 3
Male 1
Hypo super hypo
Females 3
Tremper patternless albinos
Male 1
Females 2
Tremper sunglow
Females 5
Females 7
Las Vegas Blaze
Female 1
Male 1
Las Vegas snow
Male 1
Female 2

This complete package would retail for over $2000
I will consider a trade of a male, female morph ball python pair or a nice female morph ball python
i will also accept a cash offer.
i will part them out if interested in one or pairs.
i will send pictures to serious inquires.
shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer
Contact me at [email protected]

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