1. S

    Leopard gecko not eating and abnormally active

    the past week my leopard gecko, Diego, has been completely ignoring food and just keeps on walking around. Typically he is asleep during the day and lightly active at night with a good appetite. But now he doesn’t acknowledge worms and is always on the go, when I open the door he keeps trying to...
  2. S

    Leopard gecko owners!!!

    Hi would it be possible for anyone who owns a leopard gecko to fill out an 8 multiple choice questionnaire (seen below) . It wont take more than 2 minutes to complete, does not include any details about you (completely annon). Its for my research project at uni Thank you in advance...
  3. Yas97

    Herbert the Leopard Gecko

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful leo boy named Herbert he’s just coming up to 3 months old!
  4. S

    Is my lighting/heating setup all good?

    Heya! V new to all this but have done a ton of research! Got a gecko today after overthinking for ages and switching vivariums until I found this one with a gecko! The setup I have is a 3 1/2ft vivarium, wooden with a 2ft glass window at the top! I have a ceramic heater, a heat mat, a red bulb...
  5. S

    New Leopard Gecko, interesting past feeding

    I just recently got a free leopard gecko off of Craigslist. I have done some research and I think I’m pretty good for now. I have him in his (I think) 40 gallon exo terra enclosure, his singular magnetic hide, his two bowls and then they had him on heat lamps. They had no bulbs in them so I used...
  6. L

    I rescued a neglected and abandoned Gecko

    Hi everyone! My name is Lexi, I am 23, and I adopted a one year old male leopard gecko who was found abandoned in a cold pet store parking lot. I have never had reptiles but I drove 2 hours to adopt him and finally give him a warm home. I’ve had him for 4 days now and have named him Boba! I took...
  7. K

    New gecko owner

    Hi so i recently got a leopard gecko from petsmart about four days ago. they said he was a baby and gave me some feeding instructions and since then ive done a lot of research but i still have some questions. 1. he is a very pale pink and yellow color with some dark grey spots along his stomach...
  8. madisonv56


    Hey, I recently got this little leopard gecko and I was wondering what morph it is. Thanks in advance!
  9. G

    Is my leopard gecko ovulating already?

    Is my female leopard gecko ovulating? To me it looks like she is though it’s quite early for them to be
  10. BowlODirt


    Hi, I just got a new leo gecko from my friend’s brother who wasn’t taken good care of him, his name is Yeti. Note: I’ve only had him for less than 2 weeks but he’s about a year old(?). Cutting straight to the chase, he is really social and active and likes to be crawling on people a lot...
  11. M

    Prolapse or sperm plug or shed?

    I’m freaking out. My 9 y/o male leopard gecko has something stuck in his vent. He’s had a sperm plug before and i took him to the vet for removal.. I figured this was another. However, when I soaked him and tried to loosen it, it looked as if it was stuck to his man bits. My exotic vet is...
  12. 0F4FD994-A460-42F6-A3A4-4F5D57BFA30D.jpeg


    Smily Leopard Gecko :)
  13. S

    Extremely aggressive leopard gecko

    Aggressive leopard gecko :( My leopard gecko is 6 months old. I’ve had her since she/he (I still don’t know the sex) was very tiny. I’ve had leopard geckos before and have successfully tamed them, been able to hold and interact with them. This leopard gecko, however, is such a challenge for...
  14. madisonv56

    Anybody know the morph of this baby?

    Does anybody know what morph this baby leopard gecko is? Just got it today!
  15. S

    Leopard gecko Loss of appetite ,itching, and lethargy

    So I haven't posted on here in a while, mainly because I haven't needed to asked any questions! My leopard gecko has suddenly had some issues sprout up which is worrying to say the very least of it! He has plenty of calcium dust and vitamin powder on his insects, the proper heating ,lighting...
  16. L

    Rescue Leo

    Hello! I need help aging my new rescue leopard gecko. I named him Loki and I got him from a lady that said he was a Diablo Blanco. He is a male but I’m having trouble figuring out his age to know how often to feed him. I have hornworms and mealworms and he’s a fantastic eater but I don’t want to...
  17. Deko Gecko

    2017 Dreamsicle (Male) - 250.00 + Shipping/

    For Sale! Proven breeder Male Bought From - GeckoEct. (Steve Sykes) 2017 Full Red Ruby Eyes Great Breeder. Ready to Ship! Power House! - MackSnow / Tremper / Eclipse / Enigma! 250.00 + Shipping/ - Paypal
  18. TheFabulousGeckos

    Hey there Leopard Gecko enthusiasts :)

    Good day everyone, I'm Aimi from Selangor, Malaysia. I've started having leopard geckos since 2011 and I am still learning ever since. My main focus is on genetic variation in leopard geckos and I'm truly amazed with the crazy morphs the cute buggers can become. With the help of my mum, we have...
  19. J

    Blaptica Dubias or Turkistan Roaches?

    Which is better? Dubia or Turkistan? Please state the pros and cons. :)
  20. T

    large group of breeder Leos for sale

    I have a large group of Leos for sale, I am investing more time into my ball pythons and would like to get these beautiful animals to someone who can care for them and possibly profit from them as a business. Below is a list of what I have available. They are all adult breeders. Tremper...