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Hey all,

I picked up a digital thermometer with a probe today and did some temp testing of various places in my 20g tank. I've been noticing lately that my baby leo prefers to sleep on the cooler side than the warm side, which I found a bit odd as I always thought it would be the other way around.

So anyways, my test results came back like so:
Warm side (in the open) - 87F to 88F
Warm side (in hide) - 88F to 90F
Cool side (in the open) - 76F to 77F
Cool side (in hide, where he sleeps) - 77F to 78F

Is this normal? I always thought leos prefer to hang out on the warm side instead of the cooler side, not to mention their immune system and digestive system work better on the warmer side. In the end I obviously hold the decision up to him and whatever makes him more comfortable, but I'm concerned this might affect his health.

I do remember before, when he only had one hide on the warm side, that he would actually sleep out in the open on the cooler side instead of in the hide.


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It doesn't matter. All leos are different. Mine vary, if those are truly your floor temps (and they are cause your using a probe) I would say no problem, don't worry about it.


All I need to know. Thanks guys!
I just fed him some crickets and already I see him lounging around, belly down on the floor, on the warm side. So clearly he's okay with using both.


I'm sure it'll lower itself down in the coming weeks as fall and winter hit us up here in Canada.

Another question though, this one about moist hides:
When I spray the paper towels with warm water, place them in the hide and then place it down on the warm side of the tank, about 30 minutes later or so the paper towels don't feel so warm any more. To my touch they obviously have a cooler feeling than when I first placed the hide down. Is this okay?
He's shedding as we speak so I'm doing my best to help him out.

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