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    I'm glad you are enjoying Late Night Leos! Thanks for the comment! :)
    Haha, I like your avatar pic, & your profile pic of your leo, its cute :)
    thanks :). My mom thinks its the beginning of pneumonia, but lets hope not. I'm being put on a butload of medication right now to prevent pneumonia from happening
    :main_laugh: lots of the gf.net people use it its IMO "in my opinion" or IMHO "in my honest opinion" :p. were did u get IMO from anyways? lolz
    lol yeah Joker's friggin AWESOME!!!! and yeah, I can visit them, but I won't see them every day & mess around with them every day :(.....& a special friend.......lol.....
    hey, long time no talk lol. whats been up with you? I've been bored...sick 2day & Wednesday.....:(. lol.....I don't want to go to highschool and leave all my sevie friends behind :bigcry: I'm not ready!!!!!! :bigcry:
    I just realized when u were talking to me on visitor messages...ur not supposed to comment on ur own page ;) :p
    Noyjing to much. I just woke up... I wanted to get on the computer for a bit before I have to go to school.
    HI watsup? I'm like SO bored all I have to do is surf the forums and do my math benchmark review *yuck*
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