Leopard Gecko Skin issues

Martin wolfsberger

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Hi my leo has been having really bad skin issues for the past two weeks or so and has really dry hard skin all along her tail and some parts of her face. I've been trying to get it off by giving her baths. Its not normal stuck shed. Im misting her enclosure twice daily. Shes about three years old if that helps. She looks really sick. Any suggestions?


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It looks almost like the skin isn't quite ready to shed and the gecko's been trying to peel it off anyway. I don't mean by it that anyone (you or the gecko) is doing anything wrong; it just looks like some of my geckos when the shedding is moving along very slowly. I recommend that you make sure the gecko has the proper cage floor temperatures (low 90's on the hot side) and supplementation (calcium and vitamin D3 administered about once a week). If all that is OK, please consider a vet visit.



USA, Minnesota
Agree with @acpart , if vitamin supplements and temp is good go to the vet. One of my leopard geckos gas the same issue. Shed doesn't seperate properly from the skin and doesn't shed all parts at the same time. In his case, it is cronic. Not really a cure. Some things I have found help will my boy that vet recommended:

Weekly baths with shed ease.

Weekly baths with 1 tablespoon of Honey and 1 tablespoon of pure aloe gell to 1 quart of water.

Make a flexable "cone of shame" out of vet wrap when you see it is about to shed so it can't pull its shed of. Try to wait until the shed has detached from the body as much as possible and remove yourself.

When it's in the state your gecko is in now, put it in a tank with paper towel, and hides made out of paper bowls. Replace everything daily or every other day to keep sanitary and from infection. No wet hides unless it is about to shed as it can make a perfect inviorment for bacteria. After 2 days of being in tank, put small amount of pain reliever free clear antibiotic ointment on worse parts of body. Only apply once.

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