Looking for some help/advice for an N. Millii


Alberta, Canada

I recently acquired an N. Millii whom I've been having some issues with.

He's very active and eats well...but he's not defecating. He has done so once since I've owned him (had him 2 weeks this Sunday), about 3 days after I got him home.

I gave him a lukewarm bath and tummy massage last night, as well as a cricket soaked in mineral oil to hopefully get things moving, but so far nothing.

My question is - how often is normal for these guys? Should I continue feeding him as long as he eats? And at what point should vet intervention be considered?

I'm hoping I can treat him at home, as the vets in our area have limited experience with the more common reptiles, much less the rarer ones.

He's in a 20gal enclosure. Temps are 82-88F on the warm side (where he spends most of his time), and 71-77F on the cool side. He has 3 hides (one humid hide), a water bowl, a calcium bowl, and is misted nightly. His substrate is paper towel, and he has a few plants/logs to climb.

Any ideas what could be going on, and what I can do?