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Hey y’all!

I need some advice, my partner and I rescued this little cutie and she clearly has MBD it’s pretty bad in her front legs, her previous owner didn’t know they needed calcium, and said she wasn’t eating. I put some wax worms and small meal worms powdered in calcium, as well as a small dish with calcium in her new enclosure, she ate some of them (yay !) and licked some calcium (double yay!) we also have a UV-b day time light for her. What else can we do? She’s also VERY malnourished. I’m aware she might be beyond help but would like to give her any and every chance.

TIA for any advice :)157736A3-0C90-4D5B-9E4D-5082D3FFBCD4.jpeg


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Make sure she has vitamin D3 as well as calcium, do whatever you can do to keep her eating and drinking and if it's going to work, she should recover.



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I rescued a leo who had similar issues, plus missing toes and stuck hemipenal plug. A vet visit showed he had some mbd which caused some deformations, currently has osteoporosis and is parasite free. I used Repashy calcium plus on just about all feeders and fed him daily bsfl, silkworms, wax worms, roaches and mealworms for about a month. He was only 35 Gm when I got him. About 6 months later he now weighs a healthy 59 Gm and is doing well. His jaw is a bit deformed so I usually have to help him grab his feeders. I also have to keep an eye on his shedding as he doesn’t know enough to use a moist hide. I do provide a T5 5% uvb for him and often he sticks a part of himself outside of the hide when sleeping so he is getting some.
Pic from previous owner vs current pic.


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