Mediterranean house gecko


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Hello! I recently was chosen by a Mediterranean house gecko... it has to be only weeks old as it’s smaller then my pinky finger. I believe it may have come off of a produce truck as I work in the middle of midtown Atlanta... it jumped on me outside and didn’t want to leave me so I decided to rescue it. The only issue I’m having is finding food small enough for it to eat... any suggestions please! I have caught a few small insects (tiny flying ants and a tiny pill bug that it has eaten) it’s not easy to catch these small insects... can it eat any other types of food sold at pet shops? Open to any other suggestions please! I do have a tank, hiding spot, shallow water dish (bottled water only, no chlorine), not using a base except for some soft paper towels as I know sand and stuff can hurt his eyes etc. heat lamp on had the cage a few hours a day and keeping his environment humid... thanks in advance!


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Somerville, MA
You can get flightless fruit flies in small numbers from the big chain pet stores. Those will work and also if there's a reptile specialty store, you can get pinhead crickets (just hatched). Those are the best choices and much better than trying to catch feeders.