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Hi Im somewhat new to this forum. Been browsing for awhile. I just wanted to post on of my critters on here. This is Camo. (I know, not very creative) but he's my first sikorae

Ill post a couple more soon since he was about to shed in these pics


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Thank you. I have tons of questions. I want him to be as happy and relaxed as possible.

Should I be worried that he doesn't seem to ever leave his one spot in his tank? It has been about 2 weeks. I realized that the tank I have for him probably isn't sufficient and will be upgrading him to at least a 20 gallon. His humidity is at 80 % but should I get him a screen one for more ventilation like the chameleons need? His tank stays around 75 with just the UVB light. I have yet to get a nocturnal one. I will with the new tank set up.

Are there any common health problems have yall come across if any? I know it's a fairly new captive pet. I just want to know if there is anything I should watch for.

Is a layer of coconut bedding and forest moss recommended as a substrate?

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Don't worry at all about him staying in the same spot. That's what they do during the day- hide out, camoflauged so they don't get eaten and then they come alive at night. I'd recommend to avoid handling him and to not put much light on him at night. Blue rope lights work great, IMO, they really simulate moonlight.

The substrate you're talking about is fine.

Parasites are a huge problem in recently imported Uroplatus, as well as dehydration. Just keep an eye on him to see if he starts spending time on the ground or his tail stops being flat and gets curly.

Spray the tank once in the morning and once at night, that should take care of humidity but it's possible to need more. I water dish is a good idea, they'll drink out of them and it will help with humidity.

That's all I can think of right now, but if you have questions you can PM me. I didn't get a notification that you posted in this thread for some reason, so don't rely on getting a response if you reply again.

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