Meet Hershey ❤️


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So I had my eye on this little guy for weeks now. I absolutely fell in love the color and lack of pattern on this little guy... and he/she is as sweet as pie! So I decided to take the plunge... even though I did a big no no and got him/her from PetSmart of all places! I couldn’t help myself! but with that been said.. I’ve had the little guy set up for about 2 days now and she hunts crickets no problem, is super sweet and takes them from my hand too.. even crawls onto my hand from her enclosure. Just overall VERY laid back, not skittish at all. AND the first poo she did was right in my hand after a couple of crickets! Was awesome! Blue Tongue is nothing like this fascinating creature. Can’t believe I didn’t get one of these sooner.

FYI I’m changing out that stupid infrared light for a bigger warmer heating pad underneath so I won’t disturb her sleeping patterns.. or possibly a low watt ceramic heat emitter.

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