Morph ID for 4 geckos?


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Just curious! :)

My first gecko is Piper. I got her in May from the SPCA. She is missing the tips of all her toes and had scars on her head and one eye (The scars on her head have healed and faded, but her eye is permanently wonky. She also had blue dyed feet when I first got her, which faded after a few weeks. No idea how old she is. She is very sweet and shy.

My second gecko is Matilda. I got her in September from someone whose kids lost interest. They had her for 6 months. I have now had her for almost 3 months, so she's approximately 9 months old. She is a very brave explorer!

My third and fourth geckos are Cleo and Leo. (Not sure if I'll keep the names, but I house/pet sit for the owners, so I got to know them as Cleo and Leo and now I'm not sure if I can think of them as anything other than Cleo and Leo! :p) I just got them a few days ago. Leo has some stuck shed on his toes and Cleo has a rotting tail tip. I posted their story in the Leopard Gecko General Discussion area. Cleo is 12 or 13 years old and Leo is 9. Cleo is a bit shy like Piper, and Leo is very skittish.

The gecko picture order is Piper, Matilda, Cleo, and Leo.


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1. Superhypotangerine carrot tail
2. jungle (broken tail and body bands)
3. superhypotangerine carrot tail but not as high quality as #1
3. A little hard to tell. If its markings are black, it's a normal. If the markings are brown, it may be a very dark albino.


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