MORPH? Which one is my leo?


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Hi! This is my new leopard gecko, Turtle, aka turd. I’ve had him for about a month. I’m thinking he’s not quite two months old, but like an idiot I forgot to ask how old he was when I got him from a small breeder. He’s the sweetest little dog though.
He was sold to me as a Mack Snow. But when researching some thing he looks more like a normal, some he does look like a Mack, and I’m torn. He seems to have more yellow than many baby Macks, but not a ton and I’m not sure what age the Macks start yellowing up. Also does he have a Halloween mask? Thanks! These are from today after he shed.
A3617EA3-95E6-447F-ACC6-917C97C18EBF.jpeg 3654FD90-BEA4-4AA7-8E27-F7C18A4DB7C9.jpeg 9AC0A3B4-D5CA-42AF-B67E-E16104300445.jpeg


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To me he looks like a Mack snow who is yellowing up. You can see that he's kind of white in the center of the body. The breeder would know because they saw it when it hatched. It may have markings that look similar to the Halloween mask but unless there is documentation that the gecko came from that bloodline, technically it can't be called a Halloween mask. Congrats on your new gecko. Very cute!


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