Mouth Rot


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So two of 4 my geckos have sores right along the ridge line of either side of their mouth, they seem to bleed, get pussy scab over, then I pull out the scab because they never seem to go away, and about a week later there is a new scab. They aren't on the outside but rather on the top gums and are almost 1/4 long. I asked my vet who was diagnosing my rescue gecko what he thought it was and that I suspected it to be a form of mouth rot, he said mouth rot would be more progressive and so he thought they were biting something too hard but I have no idea what they could be biting, and the sores are consistent for months. The geckos dont seem too bothered by them and can still eat, but the open wounds in the gums are pretty nasty looking and gaping when I remove the scabs every 2 two weeks. I once went two months not removing them to see if they would heal but they aren't and on one of them it made her left side look swollen and the scab was deep up in the gum line. Does anybody else have this issue? Should I be worried? I'll try to get pics later.


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You could try cleaning them with a q-tip and some hydrogen peroxide. If that doesn't work, go back to your vet and tell them the gecko isn't healing and you're concerned about infection. There should be something topical that is safe in the mouth and/or antibiotic to deal with a systemic infection.



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I use Chlorhexidine solution 2% which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal non-toxic cleaner. You can get this on amazon. It's to treat wounds. I've used it for mouth rot and cleaning the tanks and I also spray a little in bath water so it's diluted and safe enough for the geckos. Try googling it for more info. Good luck and hope your geckos get better soon!